Isaac Afful

Isaac Afful

 Isaac Afful is my name. I’m a young budding academic who is born to Catechist Emmanuel Afful and Mrs. Rose Afful on 28th September, 1989 at Dansoman. I am the second of three brothers – Stephen and Benjamin Afful. I hail from Akyem-Tweapease, in the Birim North District of the Eastern Region but I reside with his parents in Ayigbe Town - Weija. I had my secondary education at Abuakwa State College, Kyebi (2004-2007). I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Linguistics from the University of Cape Coast (2012) and I am on the verge of obtaining a Master of Philosophy Degree in English from the same university. I also work as a Research Assistant at the Departments of English and Communication Studies, UCC. I am also the immediate Past National General Secretary for the National Union of Presbyterian Students – Ghana (2014-2016) and I fellowship with Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Ramseyer Congregation in the Dansoman Emmanuel District (Ga West Presbytery). An aspiring scribe and lecturer with a distinguished professorial rank, I love reading, editing, publishing, engaging in volunteering services, listening to gospel jazz and acappella.

After years of backsliding, I formally accepted Christ in 2008 at a Baselfest program organized here in UCC. Since then, my spiritual life has been on the ascendency as I avail myself daily to be guided and led by the Spirit of God in every decision I take. Life on UCC campus, many people believe, is a hell of frustrations and confusion, but for me, life in UCC is a special kind of hell – one whose fire refines and reshapes a student to enable him create his own Heaven and to be a blessing to his generation. Indeed, it hasn’t all been rosy; there have been financial and academic challenges and hurdles that have come my way, but I am thankful for the grace of God that has been and is still sufficient for me to overcome these obstacles.

My life on UCC campus has been an interesting one. Academically, I have been challenged to approach issues more critically with a view to providing solutions to problems. Spiritually, through my involvement in the activities of NUPS-G and especially with the only Team in NUPS-G UCC – the Coordinating Team, I have developed a personal relationship with God and His Spirit and built on my interpersonal relationship with other believers. It hasn’t been easy combining my role as a Christian student leader with my relationship issues but by the Grace of God and through hard work and prudent time management skills, I have maintained a balance in achieving academic and spiritual excellence. Indeed, NUPS-G has transformed my life to be a lively and sociable individual and I bless God for that. I am presently in a relationship and I believe God, in His own timing, which I believe is very soon, would join Isaac and Helena in Holy matrimony as man and wife.

Two virtues that continue to drive my life are integrity and humility. I take inspiration from leaders such as Pastor Mensah Otabil, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey and my dad, Catechist Emmanuel Afful.

I believe NUPS-G and NUPS-G UCC in particular, has a bright future ahead and I envisage a generation of NUPS-G memebers who are bound in love and are self motivated to take up leadership positions in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana – A generation committed to the clarion call : to help, to serve and to lead others to Christ.

Let me conclude this short profile by stressing that if God can see the son of a taxi-driver and a Presbyterian catechist in modern day Ghana, through all the levels of education and to such an enviable feat, then, I believe He can do far more for those who put their trust in Him. Don’t you agree with me? Dear, there are better days ahead and you’ve just gone too far to give up. I don’t know what you might be going through in life, but one thing I know is - DON’T GIVE UP ON GOD FOR HE’S PROMISED NEVER TO LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU. Your testimony awaits you! I love you all. Stay blessed!

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