Gifty Obuo Gyan

Gifty Obuo Gyan1

Gifty Obuo Gyan is my name. I hail from Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana. I was born on 1st November to Mr. Benjamin Gyan and Miss Dinah Ofori Agyei, my parents, and I have a younger brother. We lived in Suhum during the early parts of our family life until we moved to Accra, following my mother’s transfer to her new station. I began my basic education at the Bishop Daly Anglican Basic School in Dansoman, and continued my secondary education at the Methodist High School, Saltpond, where I read a course in General Arts program. Currently, I am a first year Bachelor of Arts Degree student in Communication Studies and a proud resident of Oguaa Hall.

One of my most memorable experiences I had growing up was spending time with my auntie. During these times, I had the opportunity to associate with other children and had fun being around them. Oh how reliving those moments were!  

Growing up in a strict and well-disciplined home, I had always thought I was a Christian until during one of our SU meetings in JHS where a preacher made me understand what it means to be a Christian. Within the same week, the church I attended also organized a crusade and after the sermon, I realized the need to make Christ my Lord and Savior. So, on the last day of the crusade, I gave my life to Christ. The first few months after making this decision saw me struggling to have my quiet time, pray on my own and study the scriptures to understand basic Christian doctrines. To address these challenges, I joined a Christian fellowship for teenagers, Teens Aloud Foundation, where I began building my Christian life.

I joined NUPS-G right from Senior High School. While in NUPS-G at MEHIS, I served Music Coodinator (2013/14) and later served as President (2014/15) of the union. Having this taste of NUPS-G in SHS, I joined NUPS-G UCC with an expectation of seeing a vibrant growing union that will develop its members in all facets of their lives and a union that is well organized in relating very well to the coordinated schools and as a union that manages and teaches its members to manage time and other resources effectively.

Knowing too well that I have a great desire for publicity and Media work (my choice of program attests to this), I willfully joined the Media and Publicity Team of the union.

What drives me on as a Christian is summed up in Romans 8:28 which says “…all things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose.” I tied my faith to this scripture in the early parts of my Christian life in 2012 and I am strongly convicted that it is God alone who can give me the better life I so desire and that even if I go through tough tests, challenges and experiences, they will work together for my good and make me better.

My experience on campus so far has been great. As I go for lectures, try locating lecture theatres (I missed my way on a few occasions), move about on campus, meet new people and all, the novelty of being in UCC has been gradually wearing off and some of the “seemingly true myths” of UCC are being debunked and resolved.

My desire is to get into a ministry that will focus on nurturing the youth, especially the females, into living godly lives. When I look around to see how righty it seems for the youth of today to engage in or live sordid lifestyles (which I was graced not to have had lived such lives as I became born again at quite an early age), it saddens my heart and so I want to do the little I can to minister to these youth while also developing my ministry. Such a ministry will educate the youth through the publications in magazines, journals and the organization of fellowship meetings and conferences. It is in this light I think the union’s theme for the semester is timely and an imperative for the youth to go past living in sin and serve God acceptably, in spirit and in truth, for His glory.

As regards my social life, I will say I have not been an “outing” type of person but I love to travel meet people and know places of interest. I have been a member of Teens Aloud group since 2012 and a member of Women’s Aglow Intercessors. I love to read and listen to good music. Currently, I am not going out.

My greatest mentor here on earth is my mother. I really look up to her and love her very much. I also owe my successes to my parents, family, teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Baidoo (Teens Aloud Foundation), Aglow Womens’ Ministry (Mataheko Chapter) and to everyone who have played a role in bringing me thus far in my young life.

My final word of advice to the readers out there is that they should note that "one becomes what he thinks: You think failure, you fail; you think success, you succeed."  So let us be self-motivated. To my fellow students, i will say let us not restrict ourselves to acquiring knowledge in our field alone, but we need to read wide, think wide, broaden our scope of knowledge and do what will put us ahead of others, and making use of every good opportunity to know more, for knowledge is power.  Finally, as Christians, we need to fill our minds with God’s word; else, we risk allowing our minds to be filled with the things of the world. May the LORD bless us, keep us and forever be with us. Love you all and see you at the top!

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